Glitter Girl Clear Waterproof Lash/Liner Adhesive Pens

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Struggle putting on lashes? Need a easier/quicker mess free experience putting on lashes? We are changing the lash game with our clear glitter girl  waterproof lash/liner adhesive pens. Say goodbye to messy/sticky hair & lash glue and say hello to our clear precision pen application. Our lash liner pen has an amazing felt tip that lays down a precise line of adhesive that last for 12-24 hours.

How To Apply:

Step 1: Shake pen well, then draw a line right above your lash line.

Step 2: Wait for 5 to 10 seconds for the adhesive to become sticky.

Step 3: Line the lashes up where you applied the lash adhesive, press them down on the line you drew & you're good to go!

Our lash liner adhesive pen also helps you achieve the perfect long-lasting cat eye look! Made with a gentle cruelty free formula suitable for senstive eyes.